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Setting our goal to set sail


Nel Vento 

(In The Wind)

Hello and Welcome to Nel Vento.  My husband and I have been bit by the sailing bug (at a late age) and have set a goal to sail to the Bahamas and up and down the coast of the US.  Come along for our journey of learning how to sail, rebuilding our boat and getting her ready to sail long distance.

  We follow many different sailors as they sail around the world, dreaming of the freedom of that lifestyle.  For me, it is the minimalistic aspect.  For my husband, it is the freedom from the confines of society.   We are not young, athletic or rich. We are middle age foodies who just love being on the water.  Our goal is to sail to the Bahamas and then up and down the Eastern Coast of the US.

We live on the East Coast of North Carolina.  Close to the “Sailing Capital of NC” and are always admiring the beauty of all the sailboats.

I have to admit that we are bit impulsive.  We bought a 1982 27ft Watson cruiser, not even knowing how to sail.  We have since taught ourselves enough to go out on the river and enjoy the day.  There is much we don’t know and need to learn.  This is the perfect boat for us (after repairs).  Thank goodness my husband has learned both outboard engine repair, diesel engine repair and composite repair.  All good things to know before embarking on a long journey.

We have given ourselves quite a bit of time to achieve this goal.  And although we won’t be getting any younger, our animals will be gone, our house will be paid off and we can retire.  I can’t think of a better retirement.

I am a list maker, and I am sure there will be a large pile of lists by the time we are ready to disembark. 

There is much to think about and research:

Finishing all repairs 

Getting all necessary equipment

Renting or closing up the house

What to do about mail

What to do about medical prescriptions

Healthcare coverage

We are in Eastern North Carolina and since we will keep our house, it is in the perfect location for longer lay overs and repairs, etc. 


Although both my husband and I have had many adventures when we were younger and before we met, it’s been a long time for both of us to have a large goal to work towards.  This is something that we both want to share together.


My husband has been a bush pilot and fly fishing guide in Alaska. He is an avid fisherman and hunter.  (This bodes well for eating on our journey).

I have explored Hawaii on my own and love the feel of the tropics.  We did recently venture to St. Lucia together and it just made us realize that we want to be able to have more adventures exploring different places.


We have endured moving multiple times, opening and closing a business together, breast cancer as well as both working from home and being together 24/7 for 4 years.  We still love each other and like spending our time with the other.  I think we can survive being together on a boat.


My dream sail would be to sail to Greece, but we are thinking it will be easier and safer to just keep closer to the US.  

I am sure there are plenty of ports and places to visit between Maine and Florida and the Bahamas.  Winter in Key West, summer in Bar Harbor, sounds good to me.


Having a life partner who is on the same page both financially and with the work ethic to make this happen is key.


It is really exciting to have this goal to work towards, I will keep you informed each step of the way.


Nel Vento

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