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We sailed out on Friday afternoon and got up to 6 knots going up the Neuse. We anchored in Upper Broad Creek and had a relaxing dinner and looked at the stars. A cool evening with a breeze meant no bugs! Yeah! Morning coffee watching the sun come up was great.

We headed across the river and then turned for home knowing we would have to tack our way back against a mild wind.

Then .... nothing. totally becalmed. Ended up motoring to the marina.

Looking forward to our next adventure which will be 3-4 nights.

I am having issues uploading some videos. Hopefully will have them up soon.

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  • stinamiles

It's been a busy time... she's back in the water! We have the sails back on. Handrails are back on the deck. The inside is almost done (except for the walls in the head).

We went out last Sunday for a short sail with just the jib on. It was a great day with friends and we got to watch the Blue Angels fly in an air show. Tonight we leave to sail up to Broad Creek for an overnight stay. Looking forward to the peace and serenity of waking up to the sunrise on the boat.

Our big plan is to head in the direction of Bath and Bell Haven for a week long sail soon.

After all this hard work we can finally relax a bit and enjoy sailing. I will post new pics soon.

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  • stinamiles

Our girl now has new bottom paint. We ended up doing it ourselves, as the boat yard is short handed. Adam has most of the wiring completed and we are ready for "Slash Day"!

The new walls in the salon are going in tomorrow and all that will be left for construction is to put the new walls in the head.

There are other things to do as well, hardware to be put on the deck, hand rails to be put on the deck. Non-skid to be put on the cabin top.

But we will get it done. Can't wait to go sailing again!

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